About TBH


Back in 1996, a group of hard-core Raider fans purchased seats together in the end zone with one simple objective: to create a section of the stadium where fans would always be clad in black from head to toe in support of our team. Since that fateful day, we are the sign of true intimidation for all teams who dare to set foot into football’s original house of pain!

Uniting the entire RAIDER NATION worldwide, The Black Hole is a unique brotherhood of fans, young and old, male or female, which is what truly makes us Football’s Most Notorious Fans.
The Black Hole is much more than Section 105 in the Coliseum; it is a state of mind. If you are a part of the Raider Family and bleed Silver and Black, then you are spiritually part of Football’s Most Notorious Fans! We are a family, whether you join us at the Coliseum or from a sports bar or your living room, in any state or country. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with!
The Black Hole aims to reach out and join forces with all who bleed Silver and Black and spread our message of positive fanaticism. Through the Black Hole Universe, with chapters both in the U.S. and some internationally, we promote team spirit, community outreach, civic pride, and positive fanaticism.
Join us, as together we unite as ONE NATION. ONE BLACK HOLE!


Our Mission Statement:

Fellow Raider fans, welcome to The Black Hole…

We’d like to start off by saying, the main purpose of our site is to spread the word about our mission and our state of mind. Campaign Black and passionate fanaticism respectively…

Campaign Black is the mission behind the main objective that the founding fathers of THE BLACK HOLE originally came up with back in 1995/96. Simply to black out the Oakland Alameda County coliseum for each and every home game. Going all the way to the beginning, the concept of the name, the black shirts, the selection of end zone seats to start off with but all along wanting to make the entire Coliseum One BIG BLACK HOLE, was and has been all part of the plan to have all Raider fans buy in to wearing black. We knew that if ever this was to be accomplished, there would be no other place in the entire NFL or sports that would be more intimidating……Not with the fervor that Raider fans muster up! It would simply help our team WIN football games!!!

Positively Passionate Fanaticism is the right arm of our plan. It is our state of mind. Those who may be able to remember the early days, would remember the 1st row of section 105 standing for 4 entire quarters all the while unleashing levels of boisterous jabs towards the visiting team that had never been seen anywhere in the NFL.. All part of the plan to make the entire stadium one big BLACK HOLE sucking opposing teams in while lifting ours to victory. The effigy, the face paint, the never sitting down was and still is all part of the plan to have all fans bring the fervor! This as well, would simply help our team WIN football games!!!

So our invitation is open in the years to come for all to Join THE BLACK HOLE by spreading the word regarding Campaign Black all the while bringing out that Positive Passionate Fanaticism that we all have as Raider fans…Let’s continue to do all we can to help our team WIN games!!!

Thank you for visiting our website Raider brother or sister. May the seasons to come be banner years in Raider land for both team and fans….And may we truly have the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum remain one big BLACK HOLE for many years to come!!!

The Black Hole