Meet The Black Hole Superfans

Get to know the unofficial faces of the franchise

Gorilla Rilla

Mark Acasio AKA Gorilla Rilla

A symbol of Raider Nation since 1995, Gorilla Rilla started out as a costume bought at a garage sale — and soon turned into an unofficial mascot. Nearly 3 decades later, Mark Acasio’s iconic costume is still a sacred staple of game day: so much that he never removes the mask in public. Fans will recognize his three extra-large necklace beads as a symbol of three Raiders Superbowl victories.

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The Violator

Wayne Mabry AKA Violator

One of the first superfans to start the war paint trend, Wayne Mabry AKA Violator has been dressing up for games since 1991, when the team was still in Los Angeles. 30+ years on, Mabry is retired, but still donning the face paint and gear on game day as an icon of Raider Nation.

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Senor Raider

Sean Camacho AKA Senor Raider

Starting as early as 5 years old, Sean Camacho would travel all the way from Pomona, CA into Oakland to catch games. A season ticket holder since 1997, he’s now known for his character Senor Raider, as well as being a mainstay of the community. “These are my people…this is family here,” he says.

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